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Gnat and Bee, Smoke and Sage

Daydreamer Loose Incense

Daydreamer Loose Incense

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Relax & Reflect with this dreamy blend of Mugwort,  Rose, Lavender,  Eucalyptus,  Sweetgrass, Clove & Myrrh resin.

You will receive 1 oz. of loose incense in a re-useable black aluminum tin.

Grab your charcoal disks here.

To Burn Loose incense: Grab a disk with tongs and place over an open flame until it ignites. You will see it spark across the disk. (About 30 seconds) Then, place the disk atop salt or sand in a heat proof dish and allow to heat up a little. Add a pinch of incense on top and continue to add more until you are done with your session. (Disks burn for about 45 minutes) Be careful when using the charcoal disks, they get very hot! Do not touch the vessel holding the disk once the disk is lit. Charcoal is not safe to use in glass. Crack open a window & never leave incense unattended.



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