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Ceremonial Matcha Gift Box

Ceremonial Matcha Gift Box

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A beautiful set for green tea lovers.  Elevate your matcha tea rituals with the highest quality Japanese matcha, a traditional bamboo whisk to froth it up and sip from a custom handmade tea bowl.

Uji Matcha Flavor: vibrant green tea that is lusciously smooth, creamy and refreshing

We are honored to be able to offer this freshly harvested and ground tea from our families' homeland and ancestry. 

*Matcha box retail value $78

Learn more about our matcha or purchase individual jars here.


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Customer Reviews

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MJ Miller

Subtle beauty in this wonderfully displayed Ceremonial gift box of Uji Matcha. The lovely burnt amber handmade chawan ceremonial pottery bowl and wooden whisk allow one to create and conjure an authentic traditional tea ceremony. Truly a perfect gift for someone special OR, even better, for one’s own holistic health to enhance self care and encourage balance of the mind, body and spirit.

Wonderful set!

This set is perfect for matcha lovers. The matcha is some of the best I've ever had - smooth, luxurious, the perfect balance of bitter and sweet. The bowl and whisk complement it perfectly. My afternoon matcha routine has gone from regular to ritualistic. I'm completely smitten!