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Sun Dancer : Bath Bomb

Sun Dancer : Bath Bomb

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Energizing and inspiring bath bombs with citrus 

Nourish, moisturize & center your body with these fizzies during your bath rituals. 

Bath Ritual: Draw a bath at your perfect temperature, dim the lights or light a candle. Immerse yourself into the water and drop in an unwrapped bath bomb, enjoy watching the bubbles and swirling botanicals. Let the warmth embrace you and breathe deeply. Think loving thoughts about your body and visualize negativity releasing. Relax and enjoy this quiet time for yourself.

*TIP* Foot Soak: Don't have a bathtub or time to take a long bath? A foot soak is another great way to use bath bombs. Fill a large bucket with hot water and toss in a fizzy bomb. Submerge your feet and relax. Read a book, write, watch your favorite show or even get some office work done.

Ingredients: Baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch, epsom salt, sunflower oil, turmeric, essential oils: sweet orange & grapefruit. Botanicals: calendula

Medium size 2.5 oz. bomb made for 1 bath, biodegradable shrink-wrapped for freshness.

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Customer Reviews

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Carrina Crow
Best Bath Bombs!

Gnat and Bee are officially the only bath bombs I ever buy since discovering them. I love that they are made with only the best and most natural ingredients, locally made, and totally divine for the ultimate detox and relaxation baths. I promise that you won't be disappointed with your purchase from Natalie and Gnat and Bee!

Robin T.

I loved using this bath bomb! I’m always looking for natural products for the bathroom and this fits the bill perfectly!